National Archives Applied Research

Knowledge for NARA Operations and Work (KNOW)

The Office of Information Service’s Applied Research Division promotes the collection and dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge across NARA to improve performance at the level of both agency operations and individual work. We do this by:

  • Promoting and facilitating Information Technology knowledge transfer to NARA operations and work;

  • Advising the Archivist, the Chief Information Officer, and other managers on topics/issues related to advanced systems and technologies;

  • Providing and mentoring developmental assignments for archivists and other NARA staff to increase knowledge and skills relevant to lifecycle management of electronic records, and the application of science and technology to NARA operations and work;

  • Providing expert information and advice to policy development, records management evaluations, training, and assistance; and

  • Supporting workforce development to meet needs for technical knowledge and skills.