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Research Laboratories

The Applied Research laboratories provide an environment to evaluate relevant technologies and to support NARA’s active collaborations with leading scientists and researchers across the nation. There are currently two laboratories located at Archives II in College Park, MD and at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (ABL) in Rocket Center, WV.

These research labs enable the Applied Research and NARA staff to actively engage in two-way collaborations with leading researchers, scientists, and experts located around the country, using the Applied Research’s electronic records test bed, known as Ci-BER, which stands for Cyberinfrastructure for Billions of Electronic Records. Through Ci-BER, our staff and partners are able to examine relevant preservation and access technologies and technology-enabled processes for large volumes of diverse and complex electronic records and data that may be stored in various repositories.

Refer to Caption The Applied Research Lab at Archives II College Park, MD

These test collections include electronic records such as digital photographs, digital video, geospatial data, virtual reality markup files, and web sites.  Read more about the research projects that have been produced from these research collaborations.

Refer to Caption The Applied Research Lab at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory, (ABL) Rocket Center, WV

The Applied Research lab at ABL is the center of multiple collaborations contributing to advanced research, including the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Energy, West Virginia University, and the National Science Foundation.

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