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Conversion Software Registry (CSR)

Have you ever had some files that are in one file format that you wanted to convert to another format, but you were not sure what software (especially free software) was out there that could do the conversion?

This web accessible application will allow you to enter the file extension of the format you want to convert from and the format that you want to convert to. (Be sure to select "4" from the drop-down menu for the "Chain:" field if you want to even more options for converting files.)

Once you enter this information the application will return a list of software packages that should be able to do the conversion.

The website also contains information about each software package - including the website where it can be downloaded. Most of the 2000+ applications currently listed in the CSR are free. Applied Research student interns at our lab in Rocket Center, WV are helping to populate the CSR.

  • Web-based tool to find software to convert files from one format to another
  • Information on 2000+ software packages
  • URLs to download the software packages (most of them free)

Use this URL to access the Conversion Software Registry: