National Archives at Atlanta

Transportation Records at the National Archives at Atlanta

RG 14 - U.S. Railroad Administration RG 30 - Bureau of Public Roads RG 219 - Office of Defense Transportation

RG 14 - U.S. Railroad Administration

Operated such railroads, coastwise steamship lines, inland waterways, and telephone and telegraph companies as were seized by the government in the interest of national defense. Entered into compensatory agreements with seized carriers pursuant to the Federal Control Act, March 21, 1918.

Railroads and other seized carriers were returned to private control on March 1, 1920, under terms of the Transportation Act, February 28, 1920. USRA functions thereafter concerned with liquidation and final settlement of accounts.

Correspondence Files of the Regional Counsel
This series contains correspondence of Regional Counsel Victor Lamar Smith, relative to the railroad cases involving the United States Railroad Administration. It includes correspondence concerning claims of the United States against individual railroad companies and vice versa. Much of the correspondence includes loss and damage claims submitted by railroads on a monthly basis. The correspondence also includes advice to the individual railroad companies about legal settlements in cases in which the United States Railroad Administration was a co-defendant in its capacity as overseer of the railroads. Included in these cases are early class action suits regarding routes and fairs. Correspondence Files of the Regional Director
This series contains incoming and outgoing correspondence of Regional Director, B. L. Winchell, concerning railroad operations in the Southern Region. Included in the correspondence are contract agreements with trunk railroad lines and industrial railroad lines, salary negotiations and agreements, material classification documentation, and supply and rental agreements. Also included in the series are numerous files relating to the operations of the Western Pacific Railroad.

RG 30 - Bureau of Public Roads

Supervised the cooperative federal-state highway construction program. Administered the highway beautification program and the highway construction phase of the Appalachian regional development program. Constructed defense highways and roads in national parks and forests. Conducted research in transportation and highway design.

Defense Access Highway Projects
These series of records contain documentation relating to the completion of Defense Access Highway Projects in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. A typical file can contain the preliminary project statement by the state of Alabama placing the work under the Defense Highways Act of 1941. This would be followed by a preliminary agreement between the state of Alabama and the Federal Works Administration and an investigation of the feasibility of the project. In addition, the file might contain cost estimates, statements of materials needed and employment projections, contract bids, property condemnations, as well as project maps and drawings. Final reports and payment vouchers can also be found within approved project files.

RG 219 - Office of Defense Transportation

Coordinated and directed the utilization of domestic transportation facilities during World War II. Alleviated postwar freight car shortages, operated seized transportation properties, and handled unsettled claims.

General Counsel Files
This series contains memos, correspondence, handwritten notes, and forms. Topics include contracts, construction, personnel, and transportation. Railway Transport Files
This series consists of general correspondence, memos, handwritten notes, and reports. The records document defense related railway operations in the southern region. The material covers a broad range of topics including accidents, derailments, freight handling, organization of field offices, railway service and terminals, military facilities, American cars in Cuba, shippers, and private industry.