National Archives at Atlanta

Notable Registrants of the World War I Draft

at the National Archives at Atlanta

The 24 million World War I Draft Registration Cards in the custody of the National Archives at Atlanta provide an invaluable resource for academic researchers and genealogists. All males in the United States, born between the years 1872 and 1900, were required by law to register for the draft throughout 1917 and 1918. This series of records includes cards from all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The answers provided to the questions on the cards typically reveal details about where a man lived, his occupation, race, immigration status, and in many cases his place of origin and nearest relative. The following selection presents a unique snapshot of what is available in this extensive collection.

Name of RegistrantDraft Board Location

Louis Armstrong

New Orleans City #2, LA

Frederick Austerlitz Astaire (aka) Fred Astaire

New York City #125, NY

Irving Berlin

New York City #124, NY

Hector Boiardi (aka) Chef Boyardee

Cleveland City #8, OH

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cook County #5, IL

James Francis Cagney

New York City #138, NY

Alphonse Capone (aka) Al Capone

New York City #48, NY

Charles Spencer Chaplin (aka) Charlie Chaplin

Los Angeles City #17, CA

Walter Percy Chrysler

Flint City #1, MI

Tyrus R. Cobb

Augusta City #2, GA

Cecil Blount DeMille

Los Angeles City #14, CA

William Harrison Dempsey (aka) Jack Dempsey

San Francisco City #13, CA

Thomas Stearns Eliot (aka) T. S. Eliot

St. Louis City #25, MO

Samuel James Ervin, Jr.

Burke County, NC

Douglas Elton Fairbanks

Los Angeles County #3, CA

William Claude Fields (aka) W. C. Fields

Philadelphia City #44, PA

Andrew Rube Foster (aka) Rube Foster

Chicago City #3, IL

Robert Frost

Grafton County, NH

Marcus Garvey

New York City #139, NY

George Gershwin

New York City #145, NY

Robert Hutchings Goddard

Worcester #4, MA

Rodolfo Guglielmi (aka) Rudolph Valentino

San Francisco City #13, CA

Oscar Hammerstein

New York City #129, NY

William Christopher Handy (aka) W. C. Handy

New York City #140, NY

Conrad Nicholson Hilton

Socorro County, NM

Duncan Hines

Chicago City #14, IL

Harry M. Horwitz (aka) Moe of The Three Stooges

Columbia County, NY

Harry Handcuff Houdini

New York City #136, NY

Edwin Powell Hubble

Walworth County, WI

Joseph F. Keaton (aka) Buster Keaton

New York City #116, NY

Joseph Patrick Kennedy

Brookline City, MA

Ben Kubelsky (aka) Jack Benny

Lake County #2, IL

Fiorello Henry LaGuardia

New York City #154, NY

Sinclair Lewis

New York City #159, NY

Huey Pearce Long, Jr.

Winn Parish, LA

Julius Henry Marx (aka) Groucho Marx

Chicago City #7, IL

Oscar Gottfried Mayer

Chicago City #54, IL

Reinhold Niebuhr

Detroit City #17, MI

J. C. Penney

Salt Lake City #4, UT

Cole Porter

New York City #154, NY

Sam Rayburn

Fannin County, TX

Norman Rockwell

New Rochelle City, NY

William Penn Rogers (aka) Will Rogers

New York City #175, NY

Kermit Roosevelt

Nassau County #3, NY

George Herman Ruth (aka) Babe Ruth

Boston City #8, MA

Charles August Sandburg (aka) Carl Sandburg

Cook County #4, IL

Upton Beall Sinclair

Pasadena City #2, CA

Charles D. Stengel (aka) Casey Stengel

Kansas City #13, MO

Adlai Ewing Stevenson

McLean County #2, IL

Alvin Cullum York

Fentress County, TN