National Archives at Boston

For Members of Congress

National Archives assists members of Congress research services and historical documentation, both in Washington, D.C., and at the regional facility in Waltham, MA.

Congressional requests are given the highest priority. Among these may be constituent requests for proof of citizenship or proof of military service.

Proof of Citizenship
The National Archives at Boston holds most petitions for naturalization (the court records) for New England from 1790-1909; and it holds the petitions for naturalization issued in federal courts from 1909-1991. After 1991, these records are held by the Department of Homeland Security US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Proof of Military Service
For our veterans and families of veterans, the National Archives can assist Congressional offices to provide assistance finding proof of military service. Copies of the DD-214 and complete service records can be obtained from the Military Personnel Records Center at St. Louis.

Courtesy storage for members of Congress can be provided by the Boston Federal Records Center (in Waltham, MA).

In Washington, D. C., the National Archives provides the following Congressional services: