National Archives at Boston

Certificate of Registry


No. 24

In pursuance of an Act of the Congress of the United States of America, entitled, "An Act concerning the registering and recording of Ships or Vessels," Joseph Peabody of Salem in the County of Essex and State of Massachusetts, Merchant, having taken or subscribed the oath required by the said act, and having sworn that he, together with Gideon Tucker, of said Salem, merchant- are the only owners of the ship or vessel called the Mount Vernon of Salem whereof Samuel Endicott is at present master, and is a citizen of the United States, having been born within the Limits thereof and that the said ship or vessel was built at Salem aforesaid this present year One thousand, eight hundred and three.

And Bartholomew Putnam Surveyor of the port of Salem- having certified that the said ship or vessel- has one two deck and three masts and that her length is eighty nine feet, nine inches- her breadth twenty five feet, six inches- her depth, twelve feet, nine inches- and that she measures two hundred fifty four tons and fifty seven feet- that she is a square sterned ship has, no galleries- and no- head; And the said Joseph Peabody having agreed to the description and admeasurement above specified, and sufficient security having been given according to the said act, the said Ship has been duly registered at the port of Salem.

Given under our hands and seals at the port of Salem
this fourth Day of June in the Year one Thousand Eight Hundred and three
Surrendered March 5, 1804 - Renewed         Yes

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