National Archives at Chicago

Records of Fair Employment Practice Commission, RG 228

Region VIII, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Entry 70, Closed Case Files for Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota

Box 112

American Hoist and Derrick Company, St. Paul, MN
American Smelting and Refining Company, Omaha, NE
Armour and Company, Omaha, NE
Baker Company, Wincharger Company, and Army Air Corps, Sioux City, IA
Bemis Brothers Bag Company, Peoria, IL
Blandin Paper Company, Grand Rapids, MN
Brody Manufacturing Company, Des Moines, IA
Burlington Lines, Railroad Car Shop, Lincoln, NE
Burlington Ordnance Plant, Burlington, IA
Central Steel Company, Clinton, IA
Century Engineering Corporation, Cedar Rapids, IA
Chamberlain Corporation, Waterloo, IA
Chemical Warfare Service, Louis F. Dow Company, St. Paul, MN (Miss Emily Woods)
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad, St. Paul Roundhouse, St. Paul, MN
Clausing Manufacturing Company, Ottumwa, IA
Collins Radio Shop, Cedar Rapids, IA
Coolerator Company, Duluth, MN
Cudahy Packing Company, Omaha, NE
Deere (John) Tractor Company, Waterloo, IA
Des Moines Ordnance Plant, Des Moines, IA
Des Moines Rubber Defense Plant, Des Moines, IA
Fairmont Canning Company, Fairmont, MN
Elastic Stop Nut Corporation, Lincoln, NE
E. W. Elliott Company, St. Paul, MN
C. E. Erickson Company, Des Moines, IA
Federal Cartridge Corporation, Minneapolis, MN
Firestone Nu-Tread Company, Omaha, NE
Foley Brothers Construction Company, St. Paul, MN
Fort Crook Bomber Assembly Plant, Fort Crook, NE
Fry Aircraft School, Omaha, NE
Gopher Ordnance Works, Rosemount, MN
Great Northern Railway Company, Sioux Falls, SD
Harmon & Weeth Company, Omaha, NE
Hinson Manufacturing Company, Waterloo, IA
Illinois Central Railroad Yards, Waterloo, IA
Iowa Iron & Steel Works, Cedar Rapids, IA
Iowa Ordnance Plant, Burlington, IA
Jerpe Commission Company, Omaha, NE
Al Johnson Construction Company, New York City, NY (Minneapolis, MN complaint)
Jubilee Manufacturing Company, Omaha, NE

Box 113

Key Company, East St. Louis, IL
Knapp & Spencer Company, Sioux City, IA
Lake Shore Tire & Rubber Company, Des Moines, IA
H. Lang Company, Des Moines, IA
G. F. Lessenhop and Sons Company, Lincoln, NE
Martin Bomber Plant, Omaha, NE
Maytag Company, Newton, IA
Minneapolis Honeywell Manufacturing Company, Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, St. Paul, MN
John Morrell & Company, Ottumwa, IA
Morton Aircraft Corporation, Omaha, NE
Morton Aircraft School, Omaha, NE
Munsingwear Incorporated, Minneapolis, MN
National Oats Company, Cedar Rapids, IA
New Monarch Machine and Stamping Company, Des Moines, IA
North Star Woolen Mill Company, Minneapolis, MN
Northern Pump (Ordnance) Company, Fridley, MN
Oakbrand Manufacturing Company, Omaha, NE
Oliver Iron Mining Company, Virginia, MN
Olson-Assenmacher-Rokahr Company, Lincoln, NE
Omaha Cap Factory, Omaha, NE
Omaha Cold Storage Company, Omaha, NE
Parris Dunn Corporation, Clarinda, IA
Paxton-Mitchell Company, Omaha, NE

Box 114

Paxton & Verling Iron Works, Omaha, NE
Pillsbury Flour Mills Company, Minneapolis, MN
Polaris Concrete Products Company, Duluth, MN
Radford Ordnance Works (Virginia)
Radio Corporation of Civilian Service, Omaha, NE
Rath Packing Company, Waterloo, IA
S. L. Robinson Company, Omaha, NE
Rock Island Railroad Yards, Des Moines, IA
Scott Awning Company, Omaha, NE
M. Sloane Company, St. Paul, MN
Small Arms Plant, Ankeny, IA
Standard Tent & Awning Company, Omaha, NE
Swift Packing Company, Omaha, NE
Twin City Street Railway Company, Minneapolis, MN
Union Stock Yards Company, Omaha, NE
United States Awning Company, Omaha, NE
United States Rubber Company, Des Moines, IA
Western Electric Company, St. Paul, MN
Wilson and Company, Cedar Rapids, IA
Wilson Packing Company, Omaha, NE
Wincharger Company, Sioux City, IA (see Baker Company)