National Archives at Chicago

Keshena Menominee Records

Keshena/Menominee Agency, Keshena, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Decimal Correspondence Files, 1934-1961
Correspondence with Office of Indian Affairs, 1910-1929
Correspondence Related to Account Settlements, 1927-1947
Miscellaneous Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1908-1956
General Correspondence, 1935-1961
General Administrative Files, 1946-1962
Menominee Tribal Council Minutes and Resolutions, 1946-1961
Records of the Relocation Branch
        Individual Case Files, 1958-1960
        General Administrative Files, 1958-1960
Records of the Plant Management Branch
        Project Files, 1951-1955

II. Administrative Records

Circulars Received, 1923-1931
Oneida Census Rolls, 1892-1934
Menominee Census Rolls, 1912-1934
Register of Oneida Families, 1902-1918
Register of Oneida Deaths, 1902-1918
Register of Oneida Births, 1902-1918
Record of Employees at the Menominee Indian Reservation, 1911-1923
Records of Oneida School Employees, 1895-1920

III. Legal and Legislative Records

Records Related to the Menominee Roll Report, 1939-1941
Supplementary Submission, Determination of Blood Files, 1940-1941
        (Hook Report)
Disapproved Enrollment Application Files, 1954-1956
Minutes of Neopit Town Board (Keshena), 1911-1915
Records Relating to Guardianship, 1954-1961

IV. Financial Records

Records of Current Accounts, 1924-1952
Schedules of Paid Vouchers, 1950-1955
Registers of Financial Transactions, 1926-1933
Obligation Control Ledgers, 1946-1952
Regional Disbursing Officer's Accounts Current, 1943-1949
Disbursing Fund Journals, 1941-1951
Distribution Ledger Sheets, 1942-1953
Appropriation Ledgers, 1919-1941
Allotment and Expenditure Reports, 1930-1935
Summaries of Allotment Ledgers, 1940-1945
Allotment Ledgers, 1940-1952
Cost Transaction Ledgers, 1940-1952
Cash Book, 1938-1941
Cash Receipts Journal, 1940-1952
Check Registers, 1926-1946
Copies of Checks Issued, 1936-1952
Office Receipts, 1946-1950
Payroll Records, "Irregular" Employees, 1955

V. Records Related to Trust Responsibilities

Records of Current Accounts-Trust Fund Accounts, 1928-1952
General Accounts Ledger, Trust Fund, 1949-1953
Miscellaneous Individual Indian Accounts Leger, 1913-1915
Annuity Pay Rolls, 1901-1939
Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1918-1955
Individual Indian Money Ledger-Mill Dividends, 1918-1943
Recapitulations of Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1944-1950
Check Registers-Individual Indian Money, 1921-1937
Abstracts of Individual Indian Money, 1940-1944
Individual Indian Money Disbursement Orders, 1952-1954
Individual Indian Money Purchase Orders, 1947-1952
Reimbursable Loan Ledgers, 1929-1943
Reimbursable Fund Case Files, 1942-1947
Records Related to the Stockbridge-Munsee Allotment Rolls, 1913-1915
Individual Indian Money (IIM) Jacket Folders, 1954-1961
Records Relating to Tribal Shares Paid, 1954-1958
Individual Indian Account Ledger Sheets-Securities, 1954-1959
General Ledgers Relating to the Purchase of Securities, 1954-1958
Individual Indian Money Account Ledgers-Special & Regular Deposits, 1954-1959

VI. Records Related to Tribal Resources

Records of Individual Indian Loans, 1942-1955
Miscellaneous Tribal Accounting Ledgers, 1944-1955

VII. Records Related to Health and Welfare

Records of Civil Works Administration Projects, 1933-1934

VIII. Records of CCC-ID Units

Keshena Unit
        General Records
                Project Report Files, 1933-1943
        Administrative Records
                Reports on Personnel Actions, 1933-1942
        Financial Records
                Records of Current Accounts, 1933-1943
                Cost Ledgers, 1933-1940
                Purchase Orders, 1937-1942
                Ledgers of Financial Transactions, 1939-1942
                Encumbrance Records, 1940-1942
                Miscellaneous Fiscal Records, 1936-1939

IX. Records of Day Schools

Neopit Day School
        General Records
                Correspondence of the Principal, 1936-1946
                Correspondence with Other Schools, 1944-1947
        Administrative Records
                Records of School Attendance, 1927-1948
                Records of Indian Schools, 1928-1944
                Testing Records, 1928-1946
        Financial Records
                Purchasing Records, 1930-1955
        Records Related to Health and Welfare
                Student Health Records, 1933

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