National Archives at Chicago

Lac du Flambeau Agency Records

Lac du Flambeau Agency, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

Census Rolls (Chippewa-Rice Lake Band), 1902-1909

Census Rolls (Chippewa-Lac du Flambeau Band), 1878-1931

Allotment and Account Cards, 1912

Decimal Correspondence Files, 1917-1935

General Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1911-1927

Administrative Correspondence, 1906-1927

Letters Received by the Superintendent, 1896-1911

Press Copies of Letters Sent to the Commissioner, 1910-1914

Press Copies of Letters Sent, 1897-1914

Correspondence of the Superintendent of the Census, 1929-1930

Annual Reports, 1909-1916

Circular Letters Received, 1933-1940

Letters to the Field Nurse, 1930-1939

Family Medical History Records, 1930

General Correspondence Relating to Education, 1913-1922

Student Case Files, 1910-1917

Records of Employees, 1908-1917

Heirship Case Files, 1920-1932

Surveys of Indian Industry, 1920-1922

Records Relating to Indigent Indians, 1929-1932

Log of Allotment Land Sales, 1922-1929

Records of Construction Projects, 1933-1938

Records Relating to Financial Affairs of the Agency, 1921-1930

Adjustments to Accounts, 1908-1924

Ledger of Analyzed Liabilities, 1916-1917

Register of Financial Transactions, 1919-1932

Cash Accounts, 1917-1928

Cash and Check Register, 1917-1923

Check Registers, 1917-1935

Appropriation Ledgers, 1908-1934

Records of Authorities, 1908-1927

Records Related to Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1908-1926

Correspondence with Banks Regarding Individual Indian Money, 1905-1919

Individual Indian Money Check Registers, 1918-1932

Bank Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1908-1918

Calendar for Requests for Authority, 1909-1912

Individual Indian Account Ledgers, 1893-1926

Transfer Ledger of Indian Accounts, 1908-1909

Ledgers of Irregular Indian Accounts, 1908-1913

Trial Balance Registers, 1894-1913

Records Related to Timber Contracts, 1892-1949

Recapitulation of Logs Purchased, 1902-1908

Scale of Logs Purchased, 1894-1913

Register of Scale Reports, 1918

Records Relating to Emergency Conservation Work and the
          Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942

Timber Ledgers-Emergency Conservation Work, 1933-1934

Records of Marriages Performed, 1895-1901

Letters Received by the Government Farmer at Lac du Flambeau, 1893-1906

Records of Statements Rendered, 1902-1903

Timber Estimates, 1900-1902

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