National Archives at Chicago

Leech Lake Agency Records

Leech Lake Agency, Cass Lake, Minnesota

Correspondence, 1899-1921
Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1899-1914
Letters Sent Concerning Logging, 1900-1901
Letters Sent to Washington Officials Concerning Timber and Allotments, 1904-1914
Letters Sent Concerning Timber and Allotments, 1904-1914
Miscellaneous Letters Sent, 1899-1914
Applications for Annuities, 1903-1913
Annuity Payment Certificates, 1903-1922
Annuity Payment Rolls, 1899-1905
Applications for Land Allotments, July-October 1902
Allotment Schedules, 1902-1913
Applications for Sale of Inherited Land, 1903-1910
Timber Contracts, 1900-1917
Industrial Survey Reports, ca. 1915
Census, October 12, 1899
Draft Registration Cards, June-September 1918
Quarterly Reports of Field Matrons, 1911-1915
Sanitary Reports, 1898-1918
Marriage Licenses and Certificates, 1901-1916
Birth Certificates, February-June 1917
Death Certificates, January-February 1919
Records Concerning Licenses to Trade, 1899-1909
Rosters of Employees, 1899-1922
Cashbooks, 1899-1908
Record of Receipts and Disbursements, 1907-1917
School Reports, 1899-1916
Applications for Enrollment in Nonreservation Schools, 1908-1914
"Descriptive Statements of Children," 1899-1907
School Census Reports, ca. 1915-1921
Reports of Attendance of Indian Pupils in Public Schools, 1909-1921
Farm Statistics Reports, 1904-1907
Miscellaneous School Records, 1899-1920
Letters Sent by Leech Lake Boarding School, 1910-1912, March-April 1913
Attendance Books of Leech Lake Boarding School, ca. 1902-1914
Enrollment Book of Leech Lake Boarding School, 1916-1919
Programs and Other Records of Leech Lake Boarding School, 1902-1920
Examination Papers of Leech Lake Boarding School, 1917-1920
Attendance Book of Squaw Point Day School, 1909-1912

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