National Archives at Chicago

White Earth Agency Records

White Earth Agency, White Earth, Minnesota

Letters Received from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1878-1879
Registers of Letters Received from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1892-1908, 1913-1920
Correspondence, 1885-1922
Copies of Letters Received from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1908-1914
Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1885-1914
Letters Sent to the U. S. District Attorney at St. Paul, 1907-1908
Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
      Concerning Sales of Inherited Land, 1905-1907
Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs Transmitting Applications
      of Indian Allottees for Fee Simple Patents, 1908-1910
Letters Sent Concerning Land, 1907-1914
Letters Sent Concerning Heirships, 1914
Letters Sent Concerning Education, 1907-1908
Miscellaneous Letters Sent, 1878-1880, 1883-1885, 1891-1914
Stubs of Certificates to Accompany Applications for Land Certificates, 1875-1888
Applications for Allotments, 1892-1898
Allotment Schedules, ca. 1901-1915
Indexes to Names of Allottees, ca. 1906
Records Relating to Investigation of Allotments, 1909
Logging Contracts, 1890-1908
Timber Contracts, February 1914
Certificates of Completion of Timber Contracts, ca. 1914-1917
"Pencil Rolls" for Annuity Payments, 1881-1899
Annuity Payment Rolls, 1880-1907
Receipt Rolls for Goods Issued to Indians, 1874-1885
Issue Books, 1881-1895
Applications for Lumber, 1901-1902
Reports of Field Matrons, 1910-1915
Medical Reports, 1895-1896, 1910-1916
Death Certificates, 1903-1907
Police and Court Records, 1902-1907
Police Records, 1908-1914
Rosters of Employees, 1883-1909
Cashbooks, 1875-1878, 1881-1907
Record of Receipts and Disbursements, 1907-1911
School Reports, 1898-1916
Applications for Enrollment in Nonreservation Schools, 1907-1918
School Census Reports, ca. 1914-1918
Reports of Attendance of Indian Pupils in Public Schools, 1914-1918
Questionnaires Concerning Former Students, ca. 1914-1915
Questionnaires Concerning School Facilities, 1914-1915
Miscellaneous School Forms, 1886-1918
Letters Received by the Wild Rice River Boarding School, 1905-1915
Letter Book of Nicodemus B. Hurr, 1909-1910

Records of the White Earth Boarding School
Letters Received, 1914-1918
Letters Sent, 1901-1911, 1914-1916
Letters Sent, February-July 1917
Class Schedules and Study Programs, 1910-1918
Register of Pupils, 1901-1903
Attendance Books, 1912-1918
Roster of Employees, 1908-1917

Records of Special Agent John H. Hinton Correspondence, 1910-1914

Records of Examiners of Inheritance
Correspondence of Examiners of Inheritance, 1915-1921
Heirship Docket Books, 1911-1921
Work Material of Examiners of Inheritance, ca. 1915-1920

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