National Archives at Chicago

Menominee Indian Mills Records

Menominee Indian Mills, Keshena, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Correspondence with Other Indian Agencies, 1925-1938
Miscellaneous Correspondence of Mill Officials, 1938-1950
Miscellaneous Records of the Forest Supervisor, 1905-1955
Correspondence Related to Purchasing, 1924-1936
Correspondence Related to Wartime Priority Purchasing, 1942-1945
Correspondence Pertaining to Exceptions to Expenditures, 1927-1937
Correspondence Pertaining to Special Spending Authorities, 1926-1933

II. Administrative Records, 1908-1961

Accounting Records of Mill Manager, 1918-1953
Records of Prices Charged, 1911-1944
Records of Investigation of the Menominee Mills, 1950-1951
Appraisals of Property, 1934-1947
Inventories of Property, 1912-1960
Property Identification Cards, 1925
Records of Menominee Retail Stores, 1956-1959
Time and Attendance Records, 1953-1961
Reports on Personnel Actions, 1924-1928
Rent Records, 1924-1949
Motor Vehicle Operations Book, 1947-1953
Registers of Railroad Shipments, 1909-1926
Truck Transportation Register, 1944-1946
Records of Local Deliveries, 1944-1945
Records Related to Rail Shipments, 1923-1941
Mill Production Journals, 1909-1949
Log and Wood Product Production and Delivery Record Books, 1935-1954
Maps and Plats, 1908-1937
Timber Estimates and Maps, 1908-1915
Annual Reports, 1908-1926
Forestry Reports, 1927-1951

III. Financial Records

Operating and Financial Statements, 1926-1955
Report on Operations, Menominee Indian Mills 1908-1934 [Section II], 1934
Warehouse Journals, 1909-1932
Journal of Construction Contracts, 1911-1926
Accounts Payable Registers, 1909-1941
Accounts Payable Voucher Files, 1908-1957
Accounts Payable Invoices, 1919-1923
Purchase Order Files, 1932-1948
Schedules of Disbursements, 1924-1951
Reports of Accounts Current, 1928-1942
Daily Accounting Summaries, 1939-1953
Schedules of Collections, 1924-1953
Records of Official Receipts, 1919-1939
Records of Deposits, 1909-1955
Lists of Checks Issued, 1924-1934
Disbursing Office Ledger, 1936-1942
Cash Books, 1908-1936
Records of Payments Made, 1941-1947
Records of Expenditures-Four Per Cent Fund, 1925-1926
Operating Costs Journal, 1924-1926
Jobber Contract Files, 1926-1947
Miscellaneous Payroll Records, 1923-1955
Mill Payroll Journal (Check Registers), 1949-1959
Jobber's Summary Sheets, 1930-1940
Employee Accounts Receivable, 1922-1949
Distribution of Payroll Ledger, 1926-1935
Journal Voucher Files, 1916-1955
Settlement Journal Memos, 1948-1958
Analyzed Liabilities and Vouchered Expenditures, 1916-1918
Ledger Journals, 1909-1926
Trial Balance Books, 1909-1945
Trial Balance Ledger Sheets, 1924-1953
Appropriations Ledgers, 1922-1947
Cost Ledgers, 1934-1946
Mills and Lumbering Records, 1919-1956
Journal Voucher Files, 1916-1961
General Fiscal Records, 1948-1961
Agent Cashier Files, 1955-1961

IV. Records Related to Trust Responsibilities

Transfer of Property Memoranda, 1938-1959
Indian Credits and Accounts Receivable, 1949-1957

V. Records Related to Tribal Resources

Installment Account Ledger Sheets, 1924-1925
Stock Inventory Books, 1944-1958
Summary of Production Files, 1926-1960
Log Scale Books, 1909-1918
Contract Settlement Journals, 1892-1927
Marking Tally Files, 1936-1953
Log Scale Slips, 1914-1955
Chief Clerk's Work Papers, 1934-1958

VI. Records Related to Health and Welfare

Fire Insurance Policy Registers, 1915-1926
Records Related to Insurance, 1938-1952

VII. Education Records

Records of the Veterans Retraining Program, 1946-1951

VIII. Sales Department Records

Sales Analyses, 1927-1951
General Account Journals, 1926-1951
Sales Department Accounts Receivable Ledgers, 1900-1955
Sales Department Accounts Receivable Summaries, 1936-1947
Statements of Account Balances, 1931-1959
Accounts Receivable Status Reports, 1927-1957
Reports on Customer Credit, 1939-1941
Sales Correspondence Files, 1925-1957
Registers of Orders, 1937-1951
Sales Contract and Invoice Files, 1922-1957
Local Sales Journals, 1911-1926
Local Sales Invoices, 1916-1958
Local Sales Orders, 1949-1958
Store Sales Reports, 1936-1959
Daily Shipping Reports, 1955-1960

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