National Archives at Chicago

Mt. Pleasant Indian School and Agency

Mt. Pleasant Indian School and Agency, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

I. General Records

Decimal Correspondence Files, 1926-1946
Press Copies of Letters Sent to the Department, 1904-1906
Correspondence with Office of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C., 1918-1926
Correspondence with Other Indian Agencies and Schools, 1917-1926
Press Copies of Miscellaneous Letters Sent, 1904-1910

II. Administrative Records

Administrative Records of the Superintendent, 1915-1933
Annual Reports, 1923-1926
Applications for Enrollment, 1921-1932
History of the Mount Pleasant Indian School, 1892-1934
Register of Pupils, 1893-1932
Student Case Files, 1912-1946 (Series 1of 2)
Student case Files, 1893-1933 (Series 2 of 2)
Records of Pupils, 1929-1933
Records of Employees, 1892-1923
Employee Time Books, 1926-1932 (missing)
Administrative Records of the Superintendent Relating to Purchase of
        Supplies and Equipment, 1919-1926

III. Financial Records

Payroll Records ("Records of Positions and Salaries"), 1917-1934
Records of Supplies Purchased, 1923-1931
Registers of Financial Transactions, 1919-1932
Cost Ledgers, 1920-1925
Appropriation Ledgers, 1907-1934
Analyzed Liabilities, 1916-1917
Check Register, 1924-1934
Cash Accounts, 1917-1934
Miscellaneous Account Books, 1927-1932
Account Book of Employee's Club, 1905-1914

IV. Records Relating to Trust Responsibilities

Individual Indian Check Register, 1929-1934

V. Records Relating to Health and Welfare

School Social Worker Files, 1932-1945
Record of Patients, 1926-1934

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