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Nike Missile Sites

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Record Group 21, Records of the United States District Courts (2 civil cases)

U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, Chicago, Civil Records, Civil Case Files, Case 71C2016, Chicago Indian Village, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation; Michael Chosa, individually; and All Indian People Now Located on the Abandoned Nike Missile Site at Argonne, DuPage County, Illinois vs. Richard M. Nixon, Individually and as President of the United States of America; William Bauer, individually and as United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Kenneth Dunbar, individually and as Regional Manager of the Atomic Energy Commission; John Doe, individually and as Head of the General Service Administration Police Force; Wendell Verduin, individually and as Regional Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity; William V. Hopf, individually and as State Attorney of DuPage County, Illinois; and Wayne S. Schimp, individually and as Sheriff of DuPage County, Illinois.

U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, Chicago, Civil Records, Civil Case Files, 1938-1969, United States of America, Plaintiff, vs. 117.7449 Acres of Land, more or less, situate in the County of Cook, State of Illinois, and Andrew Rafacz, et al., Case Number 55C603. Location: 351/917865 (2 folders). Land condemnation case relating to Nike Site C-54 CL.

Record Group 77, Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers

Chicago District Standard Drawings of Civil and Military Projects, 1940-1960

Chicago Box Number 33/Roll Number 123
Detroit Nike Fallout Protection
Chicago Box Number 35/Roll Number 126

Detroit District Standard Drawings of Civil and Military Projects, 1940-1960

Detroit Box Number 49
Selfridge Air Force Base
Nike Site D-14 & D-16 As Built, 1958
Detroit Box Number 74
Wayne County Nike Site D-61
1953-1954, As Built
Detroit Box Number 76
Utica Nike Site D-06, D-16
1954, As Built
Detroit Box Number 78
Hipar-Hercules Nike, 1962
(information only)
Detroit Box Number 79
Nike Pending Projects, 1954
Unnumbered Drawings (undated)
Detroit Box Number 80
Nike Grading Plans
Communications (undated & unnumbered)
Detroit Box Number 81
Detroit Box Number 82
Nikes (all sites)
Detroit Box Number 83
Newport Nike, 1957
Sites 57-58
Detroit Box Number 84
Nike Areas (all sites), 1961
Fallout Shelter Drawings
Detroit Box Number 85
Commerce Nike, Site D-87, 1954-1956
Detroit Box Number 88
Belle Isle Nike, As Built, 1953-1954
Sites D-23 & 26
Detroit Box Number 95
Dyess Air Force Base, TX
Nike Fallout Protection
Detroit Box Number T 76
Selfridge Air Force Base
Rocket Storage, Checkout and Assembly
Building-Unit "B" Addition
Detroit Box Number T 85
K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base
Rocket Storage

Record Group 291, Records of the Federal Property Resources Service

Site Number Location Accession Number
Nike Site C-80-C81 Arlington Heights, IL 67A232, Box 1
Nike Site M-64 Muskego, WI 66A472, Box 15
Nike Site C-48 Gary, IN 66A472, Box 7
Nike Site D-86 Southfield, MI 66A472, Box 10
Nike Site M-86 Menomonne Falls, WI 66A472, Box 16
Nike Site C-44 Chicago, IL 66A102, Box 7A
Nike Sites D-57 & D-58 Monroe County, MI 65A102, Box 3
Nike Sites D-57 & D-58 Newport, MI 63A505, Box 12
Nike Site 17 St. Clair County, MI 61A128, Box 3
Nike Sites D-85 & D-86 Southfield Twp., MI 61A128, Box 3
Nike Site C-L-34L Cleveland, OH 63A505, Box 6
Nike Site CL-34 Warrenville Heights, OH 64A723, Box 13
Nike Site D-51 Grosse Ile, MI 66A102, Box 15
Nike Site 59 Parma, OH 62A490, Box 2