National Archives at Chicago

Tama Agency Records

Tama Agency (Sac and Fox), Tama, Iowa

I. General Records

Press Copies of Letters Sent by the Superintendent, 1896-1914
Letters Sent by Superintendent, 1914-1925
Press Copies of Letters Sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1908-1914
Correspondence with Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1899-1926
Miscellaneous Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1907-1930
Miscellaneous Correspondence of Dr. Jacob Breid, 1915-1919
Correspondence with Other Indian Agencies, 1916-1942
Decimal Correspondence Files, 1913-1947

II. Administrative Records

Plans and Blueprints, 1896-1939
Annual Reports and Statistical Records, 1910-1925
Record of Employees, 1895-1923

III. Legal and Legislative Records

Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

IV. Financial Records

Appropriations Ledgers, 1918-1939
Registers of Vouchers, 1919-1934
Individual Indian Check Register, 1918-1934
Registers of Checks Issued, 1917-1939
Financial Records of the Indian Relief and Rehabilitation (IR&R) Program, 1935-1946
Fiscal Records, 1907-1927

V. Records Related to Trust Responsibilities

Index to Allotment Rolls, 1913
Register of Heirship Fees, 1931-1935
Estate Files, 1912-1940
Index Cards to Individual Record Folders, 1911
Individual Indian Files, 1917-1947
Claims Against Indians, 1911-1913

VI. Records Relating to Tribal Resources

Surveys of Indian Industry, 1921-1926
Records of the Fox Cooperative Tractor Co., 1937-1947
Herd Records, 1915-1927

VII. Records Relating to Health and Welfare

Physician's Record of Patients, 1932-1935
Patient Admission Card File, 1914-1928
Records Relating to Works Progress Administration (WPA) Projects, 1938-1942
Patient/Student Files, 1915-1942
General Records of the Indian Relief and Rehabilitation Program, 1935-1941

VIII. Records Relating to Education

Index to Tribal School Children, 1932-1935
Records relating to the Sac and Fox Schools, 1915-1927

IX. Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps-Indian Division (CCC-ID)

General Records
        Outgoing Correspondence Regarding CCC-ID, 1933-1942
        General Correspondence of the CCC-ID, 1933-1942

Administrative Records
        CCC-ID Program Reports, 1934-1942
        Employee Records-CCC-ID, 1933-1942
        Employment Register, 1941

Financial Records
        Registers of Vouchers, CCC-ID, 1933-1940
        Register of Checks Issued, CCC-ID, 1933-1935
        Financial Records of the CCC-ID Unit, 1933-1942

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