National Archives at Chicago

Tomah Agency Records

Tomah Agency, Tomah, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Decimal Correspondence Files, 1926-1950
Correspondence of Superintendent Relating to Expenditures, Sept. 22, 1939-Mar. 7, 1941
Reports Concerning Court Cases Involving Indians, 1929-1947

II. Administrative Records

Records Relating to Emergency Conservation Work, 1933-1937
Census Rolls, Saginaw Chippewas, 1940
Birth & Death Rolls, Oneida, Stockbridge & Winnebago Tribes, 1934-1940
Annual Statistical Report of Enrolled Indian Population, Oneida, Stockbridge &
        Winnebago Tribes, 1939-1941
Census Rolls, Stockbridge-Munsee, 1906-1938
Abstract of Advance Estimate of Needs, June 30, 1912-June 30, 1917
Transcript of Authorities Granted for Expenditures, Year 1911
War Savings Bonds Issuance Schedule & Related Records, Oct.1942-Feb.1949

III. Financial Records

Accounts of Disbursing Agent, 1915-1917
Schedule of Disbursements, July 1930-June 1942
Disbursing Fund Journal, 1941-1950
Disbursing Officer's Ledgers, 1941-1949
Cost Accounts Ledger, 1940-1942
Appropriation Ledger, 1918-1941
Distribution Ledgers, 1946-1947
Allotment Ledgers, 1941-1948
Summaries of Allotment Ledgers, 1947-1952
Ledger of Improvement Expenses, 1937-1939
Ledger of Road Construction Activities, 1941-1949
Register of Relief Vouchers, 1934-1943
Cost Ledgers, 1928-1934
Cash Receipts Journal, 1942-1949
Cash Accounts, 1917-1942
Check Registers, 1917-1942
Analyzed Liabilities, 1917-1918
Check Stub Books, July 31, 1902-Nov. 3, 1917

IV. Trust Responsibilities

Annuity Pay Roll, Oneida Tribe, Oct. 1935-Oct. 1939
Allotment or Estate Record, Winnebago Reservation, 1903-1927
Winnebago Trust Fund (Annuity) Roll, Dec. 31, 1913
Index and Heirship Cards, Winnebago Indians, n.d.
Annuity Roll Voucher, Sept. 25, 1894
Record of Individual Indian Money Accounts, Jan. 1, 1914-Dec. 31, 1914
Indian Accounts Ledger, 1943-1949
Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1918-1947
Abstract of Individual Indian Moneys and Special Deposits, Aug. 1935-May 1942
Duplicate of Annuity Checks Issued, Nov. 7, 1934-Nov. 8, 1934

V. Tribal Resources

Records Relating to Rehabilitation and Land Acquisition Programs, 1934-1935
Rehabilitation Trust Fund Account Books, 1935-1958

VI. Health and Welfare Records

Health Records, 1935-1947
Indigent Indian Files, 1941-1948
Statistical Correction Sheets, 1937-1939
American Medical Association and Patient Census Report (Including Bed Capacity), 1940-1942
Oneida Clinic Patient Lists, 1939-1944
Daily Hospital Patient Record, July 1934-Dec. 1942
Wasserman Reports, July 1937-June 30, 1939
Circular Letters and Memos, 1934-1942
Patient Statistical Data Sheets, 1942

VII. Education Records

Student's Personal Record Files, 1934-1946
Records of Prospective Students, 1938-1947
Individual Indian Account Ledgers, Education, 1937-1949
Application for Training in Vocational Education for William Denny, Apr. 25, 1921

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