National Archives at Chicago

Tomah Hospital Records

Tomah Hospital, Tomah, Wisconsin

I. General Records

General Correspondence & Reports, 1939-1942
Copies of Letters Sent by Tomah Hospital Physician, Apr. 1940-Feb. 1944
Circular Letters and Memoranda from Office of Indian Affairs, 1934-1942
Group Conference Programs Relating to Work of Indian Agencies, 1935-1941

II. Administrative Records

Patient's Clinical Record, 1933-1942
Monthly In-Patient Report, July 1933-Dec. 1942
Monthly Out-Patient Report, July 1936-June 1944
Copy of Transmittal Letter, Monthly Health Report, Aug. 6, 1937-Nov. 1942
Weekly In-Patient Report, July 2, 1932-Dec. 31, 1932
Weekly Out-Patient Report, July 2, 1932-Dec. 31, 1932
Daily Hospital Patient Record, July 1, 1934-Dec. 5, 1942
Oneida Clinic Patient Lists, Jan. 3, 1939-Feb. 29, 1944

III. Financial Records

Property Accounting & Procurement, 1938-1942

IV. Health Records

Wasserman Reports, July 1, 1937-June 30, 1939

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