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2011-064-Edmund S. Muskie Papers

Location: Edmund S. Muskie Archives and Special Collections Library, Bates College

(October 1, 2012- September 30, 2013)

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Document Title or Subject [PDF] Document
Creator Appeal Appeal Release Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Meeting of the Special Review Board with President Reagan, Oval Office, The White House, January 26, 1987. [Memorandum of the Record] 1987/01/26 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc1 2013/12/19
Notes of Interview with Ed Meese 1987/01/20 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc2 2013/12/19
Summary of Ronald Regan’s Transcript 1987/01/26 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc3 2013/12/19
Notes from Staff Meeting [re. Security Clearance] 1987/01 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc4 2013/12/19
Prof Notes, McFarlane, and House Testimony Notes 1987/01 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc5 2013/12/19
Karl Braithwaite Notes from McFarlane Testimony 1987/01/09 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc6 2013/12/19
Hot Docs in Chron Order [Notes] 1987/01 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc7 2013/12/19
Staff Meeting, 9:10 [Notes] 1987/01/10 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc8 2013/12/19
Board and Staff Meeting 1:15 [Notes] 1987/02/04 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc9 2013/12/19
Shipment Chronology 1987/01 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc10 2013/12/19
Regan [Notes] 1987/01 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc11 2013/12/19
Example of CIA Involvement [Notes] 1987/01 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc12 2013/12/19
Notes While Reading Chron 1987/01/16 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc13 2013/12/19
McNamara [Interview Notes] 1987/01/19 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc14 2013/12/19
[Interview Schedule and Notes] 1987/01 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc15 2013/12/19
Testimony of Robert McFarlane [Pre-Publication] 1986/11 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc16 2013/12/19
Section B: Contra Diversion [Pre-Publication] 1987/02/20 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc17 2013/12/19
Part III: Arms Transfer to Iran, Diversion, and Support for the Contras [Pre-Publication] 1987/02/22 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc18 2013/12/19
Summary of Don Regan's Transcript 1987/01/16 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc19 2013/12/19
The Vice President's Meeting with Mr. Nir 1987/01/29 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc20 2013/12/19
McFarlane’s Statements about his Contacts with President Reagan 1986/12/11 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc21 2013/12/19
[Classified Title. Arms Sales to Iran] 1987 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc22 2013/12/19
Manucher Ghorbanifar   The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc23 2013/12/19
Chronology of Presidential Involvement 1987/01/14 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc24 2013/12/19
Reinterview of Joseph F. Fernandez, Former Station Chief, CIA, Costa Rica 1987/01/23 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc25 2013/12/19
Chronology of Presidential Involvement 1987/01/06 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc26 2013/12/19
Excerpts from Staff Chronology that Reference Meese 1987/01/14 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc27 2013/12/19
From Director of Central Intelligence to Deputy Director of Central Intelligence [Re. Iran Hostages] 1985/12/10 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc28 2013/12/19
Chronology of Arms Transfers 1987 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc29 2013/12/19
Contra Link Chronology 1987 The Tower Commission 2011-064-doc30 2013/12/19
Strategic Planning Regarding PD-59 1980/09/05 National Security Council 2011-064-doc31 2013/12/19
The Carter Transformation of our Strategic Doctrine [PD-59] 1980/09/02 National Security Council 2011-064-doc32 2013/12/19
The Carter Transformation of our Strategic Doctrine [PD-59] 1980/08/26 National Security Council 2011-064-doc33 2013/12/19
PD-59 [Memorandum] 1980/08/27 State Department 2011-064-doc34 2013/12/19
PD-59 Chronology 1980/08/27 State Department 2011-064-doc35 2013/12/19
PD-59 [Memorandum] 1980/08/27 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc36 2013/12/19
[PD 59 Chronology] 1980/08/22 National Security Council 2011-064-doc37 2013/12/19
Nuclear Targeting Policy Review 1978 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc38 2013/12/19
Nuclear Targeting Policy Review 1978/11/28 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc39 2013/12/19
Chronology of U.S. Strategic Nuclear Targeting Policy 1980/08/11 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc40 2013/12/19
Summary of U.S. Strategic Nuclear Targeting Policy 1980/08/11 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc41 2013/12/19
NPG [Nuclear Planning Group] Presentation on Strategic Employment Doctrine 1980/06/03 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc42 2013/12/19
Modifications in U.S. National Strategy [Re. Persian Gulf Security Framework] 1980/12 National Security Council 2011-064-doc43 2013/12/19
Notes on PD-59, SIOP 1977-1980 Department of State 2011-064-doc44 2013/12/19
Briefing Book for Secretary Muskie’s Visit to Mexico, November 29 – December 1, 1980 1980/11/26 Department of State 2011-064-doc45 2013/12/19
Agenda for PRC [Presidential Review Committee] Meeting [Re. Somalia] 1980/06/16 Department of State 2011-064-doc46 2013/12/19
Emergency Preparedness Handbook. Department of State. Emergency Relocation Program 1980 Federal Emergency Management Agency 2011-064-doc47 2013/12/19
Secretary Muskie’s Visit to London, December 12 – 14, 1980 1980/12/14 Department of State 2011-064-doc48 2013/12/19
Flow of Arms – Limitations [Transcript of Hearings] 1967/07/17 Department of State 2011-064-doc49 2013/12/19
National Environmental Actions, April 22, 1970 1970/06/08 Federal Bureau of Investigation 2011-064-doc50 2013/12/19
Regarding the FFG-7 Class Guided Missile Frigates 1975/12/18 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc51 2013/12/19
Notes on the Senate SALT Working Group 1979/10/04 Senate 2011-064-doc52 2013/12/19
Briefing Book for Mrs. Muskie’s Visit to Rome, Venice, Ankara, and Kuala Lumpur 1980/06 Department of State 2011-064-doc53 2013/12/19
Hubert H. Humphrey to Edmund S. Muskie [Re. Report on North Vietnamese Activity] 1968/02/08 Executive Office of the Vice President 2011-064-doc54 2013/12/19
European Mission 1979/05/08 Senate 2011-064-doc55 2013/12/19
Notes on Iran Hostage Release 1980 Senate 2011-064-doc56 2013/12/19
Another Vietnam Option 1969/10/21 National Security Council 2011-064-doc57 2013/12/19
Briefing Slides Re. Vietnam [Presentation Slides 1 through 53] 1967 Department of Defense 2011-064-doc58 2013/12/19
Staff Memorandum Relating to Recent Allegations about Secretary Kissinger’s Testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee [Re. The Wiretap Program] 1974/06/13 Senate 2011-064-doc59 2013/12/19

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