NARA and Declassification


President's Secretary Files: Intel Files

Location: Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

Appeal Adjudicated in FY13: October 1, 2012- September 30, 2013

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Document Title or Subject [PDF] Document Date Appeal Number
Memorandum for General Smith [Re Spanish Role in Western Defense] 1951/10/12 2012-034-doc1
Regarding Exports 1951/05/17 2012-034-doc2
For the President from Smith 1950/06/13 2012-034-doc3
From Admiral Dennison for Sidney W. Souers 1949/12/07 2012-034-doc4
From Hillenkoetter 1948/04/19 2012-034-doc5
To the President from W.B. Smith [Re 5th Corps in Korea] 1950/12/08 2012-034-doc6