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Middle School Distance Learning Programs

Visit the National Archives without leaving your school or home! Our interactive programs feature primary sources from our holdings. Each program aligns with National Social Studies Standards  and Common Core State Standards. We also provide teacher guide with pre- and post-program lessons. 

Point-to-point distance learning programs are available Tuesday–Thursday and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. We can deliver up to four programs per school per day. For schools with over four classes, we recommend connecting with two to three classes at a time. You can connect your class via traditional videoconferencing equipment or online with a webcam, microphone, and speakers.

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New Program! The Constitution at Work: Middle School Edition

Cartoon of Uncle Sam driving horses Image Source


Guiding Questions:

How does the Constitution create a strong central government?
How does the Constitution separate and share power?


Why was it necessary to create the United States Constitution? Students will analyze primary source documents to determine how the Constitution creates a stronger central government compared to the Articles of Confederation. They will also discover how it shares and separates powers between the three branches of government and between the Federal government and state governments. 

  • For grades 6–8
  • 45–60 minutes

The Bill of Rights in Real Life

The March on Washington Image Source


Guiding Question:

Why should we care about the Bill of Rights?


Students will focus on the rights and limitations within the Bill of Rights. They will identify Bill of Rights issues using historical scenarios from the holdings of the National Archives and learn why it is important for citizens to know their rights.

  • For grades 6–8
  • 45–60 minutes


Teacher Guide


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