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Middle and High School Distance Learning Programs

Videoconference programs are available Tuesday–Thursday and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. We can accommodate up to three programs a day, over two days, per school. Due to demand, we cannot accommodate individual program requests for more than three sessions. However, we can connect with multiple classes during each program session and will work with you to develop an optimal program schedule.

Programs align with national social studies standards and Common Core State Standards. Teacher guides include pre- and post-program lessons.

For more information or to schedule your free program please email us at

The Bill of Rights in Real Life for Middle School

The March on Washington Image Source

Guiding Question:
Why should we care about the Bill of Rights?

Students will focus on the rights and limitations within the Bill of Rights. They will identify Bill of Rights issues using historical scenarios from the holdings of the National Archives and learn why it is important for citizens to know their rights.

  • For grades 6–8
  • 45–60 minutes

Know Your Rights! for High School

Young Evacuee of Japanese Ancestry Image Source

Guiding Question:
How can understanding the Bill of Rights empower civic engagement?

Students will examine three historical case studies in preparation for a roundtable discussion with a facilitator from the National Archives. Each case study will serve as an example of how the government has made decisions that violated the Bill of Rights and how everyday citizens took action to hold the government accountable and retain their rights. During the roundtable discussion, students will use their case studies to answer questions such as “is it ever okay for the government to overstep the Bill of Rights?” and “how can a piece of parchment safeguard individual rights?”

  • For grades 9–12
  • 45–60 minutes