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Professional Development Webinars

Visit the National Archives without leaving your school or home! Our interactive programs feature historical documents, images, maps, posters, and other primary sources.

Each one-hour webinar will address a single National Archives resource in depth, and includes a related lesson that you can use immediately in your classroom. You will receive a National Archives professional development certificate of attendance for each webinar you attend.

Webinars are offered on the specified date at both 7 p.m. Eastern Time (4 p.m. Pacific) and 10 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Pacific). Advance registrations accepted.

Upcoming Webinars

Native Voices from the Lewis and Clark Expedition

June 5, 2017

Honoring Tribal Legacies

Join us for an evening with University of Oregon researcher Dr. Stephanie Wood, editor and major contributor to the Honoring Tribal Legacies Handbook, and National Archives educator Carol Buswell, one of the designers of the seven Honoring Tribal Legacies teaching units. You'll learn quick and easy ways to incorporate these resources into your own curriculum. 

Honoring Tribal Legacies, underwritten by the National Park Service, introduces many unique Native American viewpoints. It promises to expand your students' modern cultural understandings, while also greatly informing their study of westward expansion. Suitable for all grade levels. Email us at to register.


How Many "Trails of Tears?": Native American Forced Removal

October 19, 2017

refer to caption

Map of Nebraska and Kansas Territories, showing the location of the Indian Reserves according to the treaties of 1854

Many people associate the term “Trail of Tears” with the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation from the southeastern U.S. to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Of course, they would be correct. However, there were other forced removals of tribes from the eastern and mid-western United States to various locations across the United States, some of which might have been from (or crossed through) your very own area of the country.

U.S. government records of the Cherokee and other removals are equally profoundly enlightening and deeply disturbing. Come learn to find and work with these records while you incorporate them into your own curriculum. Suitable for all grade levels. Email us at to register.

Recorded National History Day Workshops

Learn about resources for projects and primary source research from the National Archives and our partner organizations, the theme and categories, using primary and secondary sources effectively, and teaching tools for NHD.