Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

Federal Register Tutorial: Download

The Federal Register: What it Is and How to Use It

If you download this tutorial you can run it on your local PC or network, without having to rely on an internet connection. You may copy and distribute this information without restriction.

Follow these steps to download and install "The Federal Register: What it Is and How to Use It"

  1. Create a new folder on your computer or network

  2. Click:  "DOWNLOAD TUTORIAL.ZIP"  to receive a 3.4 MB .zip file.

  3. When asked where to save TUTORIAL.ZIP, select the folder you created in step (1)

  4. When download has finished, navigate to TUTORIAL.ZIP

  5. Double click TUTORIAL.ZIP, or use Winzip or other archiving program to extract ten PDF files:

    1. tutorial_000.pdf   |  Introduction, Background
    2. tutorial_010.pdf   |   FR: Organization
    3. tutorial_020.pdf   |   Proposed Rules
    4. tutorial_030.pdf   |   Rules and Regulations
    5. tutorial_040.pdf   |   Notices, Presidential Docs., Corrections, Separate Parts
    6. tutorial_050.pdf   |   FR: Research Tools
    7. tutorial_060.pdf   |   CFR: Organization
    8. tutorial_070.pdf   |   Rulemaking
    9. tutorial_080.pdf   |   CFR: Research Tools
    10. tutorial_090.pdf   |   Online Research, Public Participation, Customer Service, How to Enroll

  6. Double click tutorial_000.pdf to begin reading. Use Acrobat Reader's navigation tools to move through the presentation in order, or use bookmarks to jump to topics that interest you.

Help! If you experience difficulty using this presentation, contact Ernie Sowada,