Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

OFR Hours and Location

Office Hours: Office Location:
8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. 7 G Street, NW, Suite A-734 (agency drop off only*)
Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays 732 N. Capitol Street, NW (all other business**)
  Washington, DC 20401

Entry Instructions:

You must have a government-issued photo ID to enter the GPO building.

* No appointment necessary.
** If not dropping off documents, you must make an appointment to visit the OFR.

Transmitting documents and IBR requests

Documents for publication

We must have a valid, original signature that we can authenticate before we can accept a document for publication. The only digitally-signed document that meets that criteria is an electronically-signed Word file sent through the webportal (opton 1). If you (or your agency) can't electronically-sign documents or use the webportal, contact  We may have a solution that will allow for electronic signature or use of the webportal. If we cannot work out a solution, you must send the paper package (option 2).

Option 1 (preferred method)

Transmit document through the webportal at any time

Option 2 ( if option 1 not possible)

Send physical document to our office for receipt only during office hours. Include:

  • 1 physically-signed paper original
  • CD with Word file (.docx) of the document
  • Physically-signed paper letter certifying that the document on the disc matches the original

Sending Don'ts

Do NOT use USPS —

  • While we can receive mail delivery from our mailroom in College Park, MD, we cannot guarantee it will arrive in a timely fashion.

Do NOT include floppy (3 1/2") disks

  • We can only accept CDs; we no longer can accept floppy disks







IBR Requests

We cannot accept paper materials for IBR approval under OMB Memorandum M-19-21 (as updated by OMB/NARA Memorandum M-23-07)..The IBR Handbook contains the procedures for transmitting requests for IBR approval. See How Do I Request Approval for an IBR? for more information.