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Document Drafting Handbook

Incorporation by Reference (IBR) Handbook

The IBR Handbook describes the purpose and legal effect of IBR, provides guidance to Federal agencies in using IBR, and instructs agencies how to include IBR in a Federal Register document. This Handbook replaces Chapter 6 of the Document Drafting Handbook.

Document Drafting Handbook

The Document Drafting Handbook is intended to help agencies prepare documents for publication in the Federal Register.

Current Edition

Supplements to the October 1998 Revision

  • New "ADDRESSES" Template — required in documents that request comments.
  • Supplement 2, May 1, 2004:
    Corrections to a Rule — amends when and how a rule can be corrected.
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  • Supplement 4, March 9, 2006:
    Amendatory Language:   Stays and Suspensions — discusses the terms "Stay" and "Suspend."
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  • Supplement 5, October 23, 2006:
    Frequently Asked Questions:   Where do I deliver my document? — updates the Office of the Federal Register's mailing address.
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