Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Code of Emergency Federal Regulations (CEFR)

The Code of Emergency Federal Regulations (CEFR) was issued under section 2002(6), E.O. 11490 (3 CFR, 1966-1970 Comp., pp. 820 and 914), as amended by E.O. 11921 (41 FR 24294, June 15, 1976) and E.O. 11953 (42 FR 2492, January 11, 1977).  It was designed to provide continuity in the publication of Federal Statutes and regulations during certain emergencies.  Emergency documents published in the CEFR did not supersede existing law.  These documents were to be used in conjunction with the existing law, such as the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations.   

The CEFR publication from July 1, 1965 and 14 consecutively numbered change documents (Change No. 1 through 14) are available in a ZIP file. We have no Change documents beyond Change No. 14 dated February 20, 1981. Code of Emergency Federal Regulations (CEFR) (Download a ZIP file that contains the documents.)