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The Farmers Home Administration (FHA) was established in the Department of Agriculture by an act of August 14, 1946, to succeed the Farm Security Administration (FSA), which had been established in 1937. The FSA succeeded the Resettlement Administration, which had been established in 1935 to administer rural rehabilitation and land programs begun in 1933 under and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration the Subsistence Homesteads Division of the Department of the Interior.

The FHA provides small farmers with credit to construct or repair homes, improve farming operations, or become farm owners, and gives individual guidance in farm and home management.


Records of Region 6

Series Title NARA ID Local Identifier
Farm Ownership Case Files, 1938 - 1946 720073 96NRF-1

Records of Region 8

Series Title NARA ID Local Identifier
Director's General Correspondence, 1935 - 1942 720183 96NRF-2
Farm Ownership Case Files, 1938 - 1946 720184 96NRF-3
Resettlement Projects Records, 1936 - 1942 * 720186 96NRF-4

*See Appendix I

Records of Region 12

Series Title NARA ID Local Identifier
Director's General Correspondence, 1935 - 1942 720187 96NRF-5
Rural Rehabilitation Loan Case Files, 1935 - 1944 *



*See Appendix II

Records of the Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation, Dallas, Texas

Appendix I

Project Records (Entry 96NRF-4)



OK2 Muskogee (Cookson Hills Development Project)
OK17 Muskogee (Eastern Oklahoma Farms)
OK19 Bryan County Farms Project
TX7 Bonham (Northeast Texas Land Utilization Project)
TX10 Woodlake (National Youth Adm. Project)
TX16 Delta County
TX18 Wichita Falls (Wichita Valley Farms)
TX19 Highlands (Sam Houston Farms)
TX21 Bexar County area (Intercoastal Prairie Project)
TX22 Sherman (Texas Farm Tenant Security Project)
TX24 Marshall (Sabine Farms)
TX25 Bonham (Fannin Farms)
TX32 Raymondville Migratory Camp
TX33 Robstown Migratory Camp
TX34 Sinton Migratory Camp
TX35 Weslaco Migratory Camp
TX36 Harlingen Migratory Camp
TX37 McAllen Migratory Camp
TX38 Crystal City Migratory Camp
TX39 Princeton Migratory Camp
TX41 Lamesa Migratory Camp
TX53 Ropesville Migratory Camp
TX55 Mexia Migratory Camp
TX56 Nacogdoches Migratory Camp
TX57 McLennan County (McLennan Farms)
TX58 Cochran County

Appendix II

List of Counties in Major Farming Areas among Rural Rehabilitation Loan Case Files (Entry 96NRF-6)


Arkansas Benton
Arkansas Lonoke
Arkansas Pulaski
Louisiana Assumption
Louisiana Avoyelles
Louisiana St. Helena
Oklahoma Lincoln
Oklahoma Osage
Oklahoma Ottawa
Oklahoma Pittsburg
Texas Brazoria
Texas Dallas
Texas Dawson
Texas El Paso
Texas Hamilton
Texas Haskell
Texas Jeff Davis
Texas Kendall
Texas La Salle
Texas Leon
Texas Nueces
Texas Randall
Texas San Jacinto
Texas Throckmorton
Texas Willacy
Texas Wise