Federal Records Centers

Custom Services for Different Types of Records

The FRCs can help your agency manage many different kinds of records saved to electronic media and can help you comply with federal records management regulations. From transfer to disposition, your records never leave federal custody.

Backup tapes

Tape rotation provides protection for electronic records from hard disk failures and other threats. FRCs provide off-site storage for full-system, incremental, and differential data backups. We will securely store your backup tapes, notify you when they are scheduled to be rotated back to your agency, and in many areas, can even provide door-to-door pickup and delivery service.

Classified records

Several FRCs offer storage and servicing for classified records stored to electronic media in our climate-controlled, classified vaults. Contact the Washington National Records Center for more information on these services.

Vital records

The FRCs can help you identify, manage, and protect your vital records stored on electronic media. We offer secure storage in our Electronic Records Vaults (ERVs) for these media and can help you update these records on a regular basis. FRCs provide off-site and out-of-region storage for your vital records stored on electronic media in compliance with Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) recommendations. Should disaster strike, we offer 24/7 access to these media so your agency can quickly resume operations during the emergency and return to normal operations when the emergency is over.

Temporary records

FRCs can assist you in managing your agency's temporary electronic records by providing ideal storage conditions for the records while they are stored on electronic media. By storing your media in the ERV, you will reduce the risk of accelerated data decay while freeing up storage space on your computer, on your server, and in your office for more active electronic records. Should you need to access your agency's temporary e-records, the FRCs can return your media to you, usually within one business day.

Permanent records

Permanent records saved to electronic media pose special challenges. The FRCs can store these records and help you navigate and comply with the Federal regulations governing the storage, sampling, and refreshing of these media.