Federal Records Centers

How to Access SF 135 Attachments in the ARCIS Customer Portal

  1. In the customer portal, navigate to Records Transfers.
  2. Use either CREATE or PROFILE SPECIFIC view. Use CREATE only if you are the user who created the records transfer in ARCIS.
  3. Click on "FRC Workspace" (top right).
  4. Query for the transfer number in question.
  5. Click on the transfer number to access the detail screen.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the detail page. There you will find an "Attachments" area. This is the repository for scanned SFs-135 and box listings (if attached) for this particular transfer.
  7. Click on the hyperlink for the attachment you wish to view.
  8. Follow the pop-up instructions.

Note: All attachments are read-only.

If the SF 135 cannot be located in ARCIS by your agency, follow these additional instructions:

  1. Contact the FRC in which the records are stored, or
  2. Contact the account manager, or
  3. Email the ARCIS Help Desk at arcishelp@nara.gov