Federal Records Centers

Specific Instructions for the MS Word Electronic SF 135

  1. Right click on the link below to save the file to disk.
  2. Open the document using MS Word, click on Enable Macros when opening the document, if asked.
  3. Use the SAVE AS command to create a working copy of this form.
  4. Navigate through the form using the mouse or using the TAB key. Use the ENTER key if you need to enter more than one line in the address or series descriptions.
  5. Follow the FRC electronic form instruction page to complete the gray blocks. Please note that the text in each block will wrap if you need  to enter more than one line.
  6. Save a copy on your computer's hard drive or a disk for your records when the form is complete. Use a Laser printer to print this form for best results.
  7. Go to FRC Locations, select the appropriate facility, then select "Contact Information" on the Center's page to see where to e-mail the completed document.

The MS Word version of the SF 135