Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)

ISOO Notices

The Information Security Oversight Office issues ISOO Notices to disseminate and provide consistent guidance to Federal Agencies, in an effort to improve their classified national security information programs. Each ISOO Notice focuses on a single topic related to classification, safeguarding, or declassification.

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Current Notices

Number Date Title Status Date of Change
2018-01 01/16/2018 Declassification Date or Event Markings Clarification     
2017-04  09/14/2017 Security Classification Guides    
2017-03 07/12/2017

National Security Council (NSC) Partial Waiver for the Declassification Review of Certain White House and NSC Records 

Cancels Notice 2013-04 07/12/2017
2017-02 04/17/2017 Clarification of Classification by Compilation     
2017-01 04/06/2017 Upcoming ISOO Notices and Data Calls for FY 2017    
2015-05 09/25/2015

Agencies eligible to receive referrals from Automatic Declassification at 25, 50, and 75 years

Cancels Notice 2014-04 09/25/2015
2015-04 07/10/2015

Update on Recent Cyber Incidents at OPM

2015-03 07/07/2015

Update for Security Clearance Holders

2015-02 06/16/2015

Message from OPM to Security Clearance Holders

2015-01 06/05/2015 Withholding Authorities for Mandatory Declassification Review    
2014-03 08/27/2014 U.S. Protection of Information Shared by the Government of the United Kingdom    
2014-02 04/04/2014 Procurement of Security Equipment    
2014-01 03/26/2014 Appeal Rights for Mandatory Declassification Review Requests and the Rejection of Requests for Specific Reasons    
2013-06 09/18/2013 Changes in Express Mail    
2013-05 08/19/2013 Revision of the Standard Form (SF) 312, “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement”    
2013-03 04/10/2013 Processing of Mandatory Declassification Review Requests Appealed to the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel    
2013-01 11/01/2012 Further Marking Guidance on Commingling North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Classified National Security Information (NSI)    
2012-04 10/12/2012 Additional Guidance on Standards for Security Equipment    
2012-03 04/02/2012 Additional Guidance on Supplemental Controls Required for Safeguarding Classified National Security Information    
2012-02 12/23/2011 Classification Marking Instructions on the Use of "50X1-HUM" vs "25X1-human" as a Declassification Instruction    
2012-01 12/08/2011 Requirements for Derivative Classifier Training    
2011-02 05/18/2011 Further Guidance and Clarification on Commingling Atomic Energy Information and Classified National Security Information    
2009-16 09/17/2009 Prohibited Use of Electronic Signatures on the Standard Form 312, "Classified Information Non-disclosure Agreement"
Reviewed 04/26/2010
2009-07 01/08/2009 Mandatory Declassification Review – Inappropriate Citation of Section 6.2(d) of E.O. 13526
2009-06 12/12/2008 Handling NATO Information Identified during Automatic Declassification Processing
Reviewed 04/26/2010
2009-04 10/10/2008 “Best Practices” for Declassification Review Record Keeping
Reviewed 04/26/2010


10/10/2008 Notification, Coordination, and Documentation Related to Subsequent Reviews Conducted by Primary Reviewing Agencies 
[Related to Automatic Declassification] 
Reviewed 04/26/2010
2009-02 10/10/2008 Initial Instructions on the Use of the SF 715, "Declassification Review Tab" Revised 09/30/2010
2009-01 10/10/2008 Use of Standard Form 715, "Declassification Review Tab" Revised 09/30/2010

*The following Notices have been canceled:
2009-05, (2009-08 through 2009-15), 2010-02, 2011-01, 2013-04, 2014-04