National Archives at Kansas City

Order Copies of Records


For a fee, Research Services staff will make copies of documents, including certified copies for legal use, unless the physical condition of the documents does not allow reproduction. 

Please be aware, Research Services staff will answer your questions and give direction for your research, but are not able to do your research for you.  We do not charge fees for our reference assistance, but there are fees for making copies of records.  There is a list of Independent Researchers Available for Hire who will perform research for a fee.

If you cannot visit us in person, we are able to provide reference service. Staff can perform a search and provide a page count and cost to obtain copies.

Self-Service Copying in the Research Rooms

When you are using records in the Research Room, you can almost always make your own copies of both paper records and special media, such as photographs. Please talk with staff before beginning copy work. Our self-service copier is available for $0.25 per page (up to 11 x 17 inches) payable by credit card or check. See also our information on using scanners. Cameras may be used to photograph documents, but flash photography is prohibited.

Copies of microfilm can be made at self-service copiers in our Public Access Computer Room or by other arrangement with staff for a fee.

Common Research and Reproduction Fees

Mail Order Service Fee
Minimum reproductions order (25 pages or less at the $.80 rate, paper or digital copy.) $20.00
Paper to paper (up to and including 11” x 17”) $0.80 per copy
Basic digitized scan $0.80 per copy

Record certification (record certification is an add-on service, the cost of which is not used to determine minimum reproduction order fees. Certifications will be charged per 150 pages certified.)

$15.00 per certification
Naturalization record (minimum reproductions order does not apply) $10.00
A-File with a date of birth prior to 1890 (minimum reproductions order does not apply) $27.00
A-File with a date of birth 1890 or after (minimum reproductions order does not apply) $40.00
On-Site Service Fee
Self-service paper to paper $0.25 per copy
Self-service scan $0.25 per scan
Self-service microfilm to paper $0.40 per copy
Self-service microfilm to digitized $0.40 per scan