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About the Congressional Web Harvest

If you have linked directly to this page your site is being crawled by Internet Archive on behalf of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). More details on this collection project can be found below.

If crawling is impacting the performance of your website or you have other concerns, please send an email to both of these addresses:

NARA Project Team:

Internet Archive Team:

About the NARA 116th Congress Web Harvest

NARA is an independent Federal agency whose mission is to preserve and provide ready access to the historically valuable records of the Federal Government. Both the Government and the public rely on NARA to meet an almost unlimited range of information needs located in our holdings. Read more about NARA.

This harvest is an initiative to capture, transfer and provide access to a snapshot of public websites of the 116th Congress as they exist at the end of that Congress.

How We Collect Your Website

NARA has contracted with the Internet Archive to collect content from Congressional Websites through January 2020. The Internet Archive uses the Heritrix crawler to collect websites on behalf of NARA. Read more about Heritrix.