The Center for Legislative Archives

Congressional Web Harvest

As the repository of the official records of Congress, the Center for Legislative Archives provides access to archived congressional websites that were preserved at the end of each Congress.

The web archive began in 2006 with the 109th Congress, and the collection is available online. These snapshots of Congress' websites capture the evolution of the web as a medium for Congress to communicate with the public. The Center holds over 158 terabytes of archived websites.

The most recent harvest from the 117th Congress preserved over 72 terabytes of web data. Recent harvests have expanded in scope to capture not only content hosted and stored on Member and committee websites, but also content hosted on a number of social media sites used by Congress.


Accuracy of Harvests

NARA has made every reasonable effort to ensure that web sites' code and programming were captured accurately. NARA is not responsible for any web sites' compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and requirements. NARA is responsible for providing public access to these copied web sites but is not responsible for maintaining code such as links, accessibility features, search or site maps, or other functionality that may have been true of the sites before they were copied.

Mention of commercial products, services, or resources within this notice does not constitute an endorsement by the National Archives and Records Administration or the United States Government.

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