Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

OIG Role

The Inspectors General are agents of positive change striving for continuous improvement in our agencies' management and program operations and in our own offices.

The NARA Inspector General is appointed by the agency head and can be removed only by the agency head, who must communicate the reasons for removal to both Houses of Congress.

There is a statutory requirement that the appointment be based on integrity and demonstrated ability in:

  • accounting
  • auditing
  • financial or management analysis
  • law
  • public administration
  • investigations

The Inspector General is required by the Inspector General Act of 1978 to:
  • report to both the Archivist and the Congress
  • operate under the general supervision of and have direct and prompt access to the Archivist
  • bring particularly serious problems, abuses or deficiencies to the immediate attention of the Congress while keeping the Archivist informed
  • report formally twice each year to the Congress on the activities and findings of the OIG during the previous 6-month period