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Federal Register Dataset

Federal Register Datasets, 2000-Present xml

What is the data?

The daily Federal Register is the official legal newspaper of the United States government. The publication documents regulatory actions and policies of Federal agencies that affect the rights and obligations of citizens, announces grants, benefits, and educational opportunities, and provides a forum for participation in the democratic process. Each dataset contains about 250 individual issues of the Federal Register. Within each issue is a record of the agency rules, proposed rules, and public notices issued that day, as well as Executive orders and other presidential documents. For more information, see the October 5, 2009 NARA Press Release.

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How do I access the data?

What high value criteria does it meet?

  • can be used to increase agency accountability and responsiveness
  • improves public knowledge of the agency and its operations
  • furthers the core mission of the agency
  • creates economic opportunity
  • responds to need and demand as identified through public consultation

Is this the first time the data is available?

This is the first time the data is available as raw data in XML format.

Who may be interested in this information?

Citizens, lawmakers, Federal agencies and employees, academics, and researchers.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this data?


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