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United States Government Manual

What is the data?

As the official handbook of the Federal Government, the United States Government Manual provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. It also includes information on quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees.

A printed edition of the Government Manual is published in the first quarter of every calendar year and covers one calendar year. Agency information is updated throughout the year and posted to The raw data files are updated on an ad hoc basis.

How do I access the data?

What high value criteria does it meet?

The Government Manual is a central location for people to find descriptions of duties, organizational structure, and contact information for all entities of the Federal Government. It:

  • can be used to increase agency accountability and responsiveness;
  • improves public knowledge of the agency and its operations;
  • furthers the core mission of the agency; and
  • responds to need and demand as identified through public consultation

Is this the first time the data is available?

This is the first time the data is available as raw data in XML format.

Who may be interested in this information?

Citizens, lawmakers, Federal agencies and employees, academics, and researchers.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this data?


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