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About the Series

Throughout history each president has been faced with having to make difficult decisions. The Advise the President Series provides teachers an opportunity to bring the deliberation process surrounding these historic decisions to the classroom. Each booklet focuses on a significant topic during the administration of a specific president.

Students are given the chance to travel back to these historic moments and take on the role of a presidential advisor. Given options similar to those the President considered, the students deliberate each presented option and decide on the choice they think best.

The Advise the President Series focuses on using original documents, and photographs to provide students with an in depth understanding of historical events related to the presidents.

Moderator guides accompany each booklet to assist teachers in guiding students through the deliberation process and promoting productive discussion. Each booklet in the series also features a detailed reveal of the decision the president ultimately made.

The Advise the President Series is an educational program created by the Presidential Libraries of the National Archives in partnership with the National Issues Forums Institute.

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