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NARA Privacy Act Systems: NARA 13

SYSTEM NAME: Records of Defunct Agency.


SYSTEM LOCATION: Records of defunct agency may be located in the Washington, DC area or at Federal Records Centers nationwide.

CATEGORIES OF INDIVIDUALS COVERED BY THE SYSTEM: Individuals covered by this system include employees of a defunct agency and those people who may have had dealings with the agency prior to the agency's termination.

CATEGORIES OF RECORDS IN THE SYSTEM: This system includes those records of an agency whose existence has been terminated with no successor in function. This system also contains those records that were maintained by a defunct agency in an internal Privacy Act systems of records. Categories of personal information maintained on individuals in these records are described in the Privacy Act system notices previously published by the originating agency. Records of defunct agency that are located in Federal Records Centers may be temporary records or permanent records that have not yet been transferred to the custody of the Archivist of the United States.

AUTHORITY FOR MAINTENANCE OF THE SYSTEM: 44 U.S.C. 2104, 2107, 2108, 2907, 2908, and 3104

ROUTINE USES OF RECORDS MAINTAINED IN THE SYSTEM, INCLUDING CATEGORIES OF USERS AND THE PURPOSES OF SUCH USES: If records of a defunct agency are unscheduled, NARA may review the records during the appraisal process in order to determine the disposition of the records. NARA may disclose the records, while providing reference service on the records, in accordance with the routine uses in the Privacy Act notices previously published by the defunct agency. The routine use statements A, F, G, H, and I described in Appendix A also apply to this system of records.


STORAGE: Paper, electronic, and microfilm records.

RETRIEVABILITY: Information in records of a defunct agency may be retrieved by the name of the individual or by other identifier established by the defunct agency when the records were maintained by that agency.

SAFEGUARDS: During business hours, paper records are maintained in areas accessible only to authorized NARA personnel. Electronic records are accessible via password-protected workstations located in attended offices or through a secure remote access network. After business hours, buildings have security guards and/or secured doors, and all entrances are monitored by electronic surveillance equipment.

RETENTION AND DISPOSAL: Records of a defunct agency that are appraised as temporary are destroyed in accordance with the records disposition instructions approved by the Archivist of the United States. Records of a defunct agency that are appraised as permanent are transferred to the National Archives of the United States.

SYSTEM MANAGER(S) AND ADDRESS: The system manager for records of defunct agencies is the Chief Records Officer. The business address for this system manager is listed in Appendix B.

NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE: People interested in inquiring about their records should notify the NARA Privacy Act Officer at the address listed in Appendix B.

RECORD ACCESS PROCEDURES: People who wish to access their records should submit a request in writing to the NARA Privacy Act Officer at the address listed in Appendix B.

CONTESTING RECORD PROCEDURES: NARA rules for contesting the contents of a person's records and appealing initial determinations are found in 36 CFR part 1202.

RECORD SOURCE CATEGORIES: Upon termination of an agency with no successor in function, the agency transfers its records to NARA's custody. Prior to termination, the agency has described record source categories in its Privacy Act system notices for that agency's records.

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