A Guide to Civil War Maps in the National Archives

Civil War Maps in the National Archives lists the approximately 8,000 Civil War maps, charts, and plans in the Cartographic and Architectural Branch of the National Archives, the largest single body of cartographic records pertaining to the American Civil War. The records described in this guide are maps, plans, and charts containing information relating directly to Civil War operations and installations. Most of the material described dates from the war and was produced for use by the military forces or to accompany official reports.

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Bill of Rights: Evolution of Personal Liberties (Curriculum Unit)

The Bill of Rights is designed for upper elementary through college-level classrooms. The boxed unit contains 46 facsimiles of documents, historical background for the documents, and 10 lesson plans that trace the history of the Bill of Rights and the evolution of liberties protected by the great charter.

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Discovery Book About Federal Courts

What is a Federal court? How were Federal courts established? What kind of Federal courts are there? What is the purpose of a trial? These and many other questions about our court system are answered in this educational activity book for fifth- and sixth-grade students. Published to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Judiciary Act of 1789, Federal Courts contains a variety of exercises and activities based on records of actual court cases in the National Archives.

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Our Mothers Before Us: Women and Democracy, 1789-1920 (Curriculum Unit)

Produced by the Center for Legislative Archives, Our Mothers Before Us traces the history of women's organized petition campaigns from the First Congress in 1789 to the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920.

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Teaching With Documents (Article Compilations)

Please refer to title The following four volumes feature 113 articles, most of which have appeared in Social Education, the journal of the National Council for the Social Studies. Each article supports a document from the National Archives, providing historical context and related teaching activities.

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Teaching With Documents (Curriculum Units)

These curriculum units are designed to help students of US history, government, and economics to understand the process by which history is written and to develop analytical skills. Each unit contains about 50 reproductions of documents, charts, photographs, letters, drawings, and posters and a detailed teacher's guide. The materials deal with key issues of the period, with governmental and political responses to these issues, and with public attitudes.

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