On the Constitution

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The Story of the Constitution

  • Sol Bloom
    Foreword by Daniel J. Elazar


    • "The reprinting of [this] volume, with a new introduction by constitutional scholar Daniel J. Elazar, offers a new generation a guide to the proceedings of the Federal Convention."
      --History in the House

    This popular history was first published in 1937 in honor of the 150th anniversary of the creation of the U.S. Constitution. "It is a book for the people," wrote Sol Bloom, Chairman of the Sesquicentennial Commission. "Accordingly, it tells briefly the origins of our country and what the steps were that led up to the formation of the Constitution. Having told how and why the national government came about, the book tells what the Constitution stands for, its principles, and the means by which it operates." A new introduction by Daniel Elazar, Director of the Center for the Study of Federalism at Temple University, sets the book in historical context and explains why it is a classic in constitutional studies.

    6" x 9", 192 pages, 51 illustrations
    U.S. Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission, 1937
    Reprinted by the National Archives and Records Administration, 1986

    #200046 Softcover $8.95
    ISBN 0-911333-45-2