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Prologue | Winter 2002

Winter 2002 Prologue CoverPrologue in Perspective: Join Us for "A Day in the Life" of NARA
John W. Carlin

Jefferson Looks Westward: President Secretly Sought Funds from Congress to Explore Louisiana Territory, Develop Trade
James Worsham

Letters from the Middle Kingdom: The Origins of America's China Policy
David Gedalecia

Travels of the Charters of Freedom
Milton Gustafson

Spotlight on NARA: "Our Documents" Captures America's Milestones: NARA Holdings Are Centerpiece of Bush History Initiative

Guarding the Railroads, Taming the Cossacks: The U.S. Army in Russia, 1918–1920
Gibson Bell Smith

Genealogy Notes: "Blisters on My Heels, Corns on My Toes": Taking the 1930 Census of Population
David M. Pemberton

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