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Prologue | Winter 2004

Winter 2004 Prologue CoverPrologue in Perspective: The Public Vaults Offer An Exciting Journey through American Records
John W. Carlin

The Flip Side of History
Lee Ann Potter

A New Federal Agency Shapes Up: President's Physical Fitness Council Survived Early Tests
Stephen Plotkin

Not Quite Southern: The Precarious Allegiance of the Natchez Nabobs in the Sectional Crisis
William K. Scarborough

By George, IT IS Washington's Birthday!
C. L. Arbelbide

From Pearl Harbor to Elvis: Images That Endure
Ellen Fried

Spotlight on NARA: Behind the Scenes with NARA's Exhibits Staff

Genealogy Notes: The Official Register of the United States, 1816 - 1959
John P. Deeben

Authors on the Record: Betrayal Foils a German "Invasion" of America

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: FDR's Global View

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