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FAQs for GRS 2.3, Employee Relations Records

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1. How should agencies interpret the disposition instruction found in item 060: “Destroy no sooner than 4 years but no later than 7 years after case is closed”?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has determined that each agency should select a period between 4 and 7 years as the disposition time frame for all instances of these records, and note it in agency manuals or other official records management documents. For example, Agency A’s records officer, after consulting with agency stakeholders, determines that 5 years satisfies the agency’s business needs. The records officer then applies that disposition to all of the agency’s administrative grievance, adverse action, and performance-based action records, and updates the agency manual and any other relevant agency records management policies. Please note that these items are flexible only within the 4-7-year retention period; they do not allow for longer (or shorter) retention periods based on business need.

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