Federal Records Management

Frequently Asked Questions about GRS 4.4, Library Records

Updated: April 2024

1. Does this schedule cover library collections?

No. This schedule covers only records about running a library. It does not cover records about the materials in its holdings or the holdings themselves. NARA regulations define most material held in library collections as non-records. (See 36 CFR 1222.14.)


2. My agency creates and publishes special reports, journals, and magazines. These records are in our library collection. Does my agency need a record schedule for these records?

Yes. Agencies need to schedule their publications. These records are often permanent. Whether the library copy is permanent depends on if their copy is the record copy. Libraries often collect and make available agency publications for reference purposes. Copies the library keeps only for reference are non-record. But if the library's copy is the record copy, the library will need to keep the records according to the approved record schedule.


3. Does this GRS cover a library’s website?

No. The GRS does not cover websites in general. Websites often have a different purpose and function than the individual records that make up the website.

The GRS might cover documents posted on your website. For example, you might make promotional material or quick guides available on your library website. If the copy on the website is the recordkeeping copy, then GRS 4.4 would apply. If the copy on the website is not the recordkeeping copy, GRS 5.1, item 020, Non-record keeping copies of electronic records, may apply.

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