Federal Records Management

FAQs for GRS 6.5, Public Customer Service Records

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1.  Why are GRS 6.5 Public Customer Service Records and GRS 5.8 Administrative Help Desk Records two separate schedules?

The two schedules reflect different functions.   Administrative help desk records document administrative support.  Public customer service records document support of an agency’s mission activities.  That is why these schedules appear separately.



2.  Item 020 covers records that likely include personally identifiable information (PII).  Why do you not include instructions for how agencies should handle PII?  

The GRS provides instructions for how long agencies must retain records, but does not prescribe how agencies should otherwise manage their records.  Agencies should include handling of PII, a form of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), in their policies and procedures, in accordance with Government-wide CUI requirements.

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