Federal Records Management

AC 11.2020

AC 11.2020

Date:  February 10, 2020

Memorandum to Federal Agency Contacts: Machine Readable GRS Schedules on Data.Gov

NARA has posted searchable and manipulatable versions of the General Records Schedules (GRS) in comma-separated value (.csv) format on data.gov to test the usefulness of records schedule data in this format. The files contain the raw data, minus personally identifiable information (PII), exported from the Electronic Records Archives (ERA). The data files along with a data dictionary are available for download as a .zip file. 

NARA encourages you to download and review the files. Please share your feedback with us!  A link to a brief survey link is posted on the web page and included in the .zip file.

For more information about the GRS go to  https://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/grs.

Chief Records Officer 
for the U.S. Government