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Record Group 3 - Records of the US Housing Corporation (USHC)

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    The U.S. Housing Corporation (USHC) served as executive agent for the Bureau of Industrial Housing and Transportation and provided housing, local transportation, and other community facilities for industrial workers. Selected series in this record group pertain to housing and employment for African Americans.

    Clusters: Housing and Urban Affairs, Labor

    Textual Records

    Correspondence with Field Agents and Committees, 1918–1919

    National Archives Identifier: 1067740

    General Correspondence [Industrial Relations Division], 1918–1919

    National Archives Identifier: 1067954

    General Files [Service Division], 1917–1920

    National Archives Identifier: 1067726

    Level of Description Selected Records
    File Unit

    Indexed by:Index to General Files, 1918-1920 (National Archives Identifier 1067723).

    Records Relating to Industrial and Housing Surveys, 1918

    National Archives Identifier: 1067835

    Records Relating to the Operation of Projects, 1918–1920

    National Archives Identifier: 1067971
    Some or all of the records may be subject to copyright restrictions.

    Reference Files, 1918–1919

    National Archives Identifier: 1067739

    Level of Description Selected Records
    File Unit