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Record Group 16, Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

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The Office of the Secretary of Agriculture directs federal agricultural programs in areas of research, conservation, production, marketing, extension, rural development, and regulation. The vast majority of the black population of the United States was engaged in agricultural pursuits before the large-scale migrations to the North during the two World Wars. Selected series pertain to agricultural education and improved training for black farmers and others concerned with the political affairs of the African American community in general.

Clusters: Agriculture, Labor

Textual Records

Correspondence of the Chief, 1933-1942

National Archives Identifier: 894803

Selected Categories
  • Personnel Assignment Negro Camps

General Correspondence, 1906-1975

National Archives Identifier: 565164

Indexed by: Index to General Correspondence, 1906-1975 ( NAID 565223)

General Correspondence Relating to Negroes, 1909-1955

National Archives Identifier: 565459

Selected Items
  • Letter from T. O. Walton to Mr. Bradford Knapp, 12/31/1918 (NAID 5772459)
  • Letter from H. L. Remmel to the Honorable Henry C. Wallace, 10/03/1923 (NAID 5772463)

Letters Received [Office of the Secretary], 1893-1906

National Archives Identifier: 301980

Indexed by: Subject Index to Letters Received, 1903-1906 ( NAID 567587)

Letters Sent [Office of the Secretary], 1893-1941

National Archives Identifier: 656256

Indexed by: Name Index to Letters Sent, 1903-1906 ( NAID 656195)

Photographic Records

Civil Rights Poster, 1998-2003

National Archives Identifier: 1207662; Local Identifier: 16-CRP

Selected Items
  • And Justice For All (16-CRP-1)

Historical Files of the Office of Information, Department of Agriculture, 1900-1959

National Archives Identifier: 512795; Local Identifier: 16-G

Photographs from the Central Photographic Office od the Department of Agriculture, 1939-1964

National Archives Identifier: 512809; Local Identifier: 16-N

Selected Categories
  • Black School Lunch Programs (N-7374-81, N-9080-85)
  • Gardens in the South, 1948
  • African American Ministers (N-3854)

Photographic Prints of USDA Exhibits and Other Exhibits, 1900-1953

National Archives Identifier: 512790; Local Identifier: 16-EX

Selected Categories
  • Exhibits at the American Negro Exposition of 1940, Chicago

Press Releases and Related Photograhps Documenting Agency Research Activities and Other Agricultural Programs and Resources, 1986-1994

National Archives Identifier: 3478053; Local Identifier: 16-FS

Some or all of the records in this series may be subject to copyright restrictions.

USDA Television Package Programs, 1953-1965

National Archives Identifier: 512828; Local Identifier: 16-TVP

Selected Categories
  • Vice President Nixon greeting African American 4-H Club (16-TVP-350-6)
  • Louis Armstrong Greets 4-H Club (16-TVP-403-8)

Moving Images

Public Information and Training Motion Picture and Television Productions, 1990-1995

National Archives Identifier: 1550

Selected Items

Some or all of the records in this series may be subject to copyright restrictions.