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Federal agencies are responsible for implementing legislation. Their rules and regulations are published in two important documents.

1936-to date

United States. Federal Register Office. National Archives and Records Administration. Federal Register. Washington: Government Printing Office; March 14, 1936-to date.
REF AE 2. 106:(volume nos., issue nos.)
For 1994 to date, see also GPO Access, Daily Table of Contents online, and Cumulative Federal Register Indexes (updated as indexes are published).
Current issues are in the National Archives Library, in paper and microfiche. The retrospective collection is on microfilm in the Microfilm Reading Room and paper issues in The Center for Legislative Archives (RG287).
Note: Cited as FR. Issued daily. The Register makes available to the public regulations and legal notices issued by the Executive branch and federal agencies, including proclamations, executive orders, and other documents having general applicability, legal effect, and public interest. The Register includes proposed rules and notices of hearings and investigations, and committee meetings. The Federal Register updates the Code of Federal Regulations.
Boyd, p. 500; Morehead, 154-158; Schmeckebier, p. 300-302.

United States. Federal Register Office. National Archives and Records Administration. Code of Federal Regulations. Washington: Government Printing Office March 12, 1936-to date.
REF AE 2. 106/3:(Title nos., part nos. \date)
The retrospective edition is on microfiche at the Office of the Federal Register and in paper in the Center for Legislative Archives (RG287).
See also CFR search form. Note: Cited as CFR. The Code of Federal Regulations is revised and published once a year at quarterly intervals. The CFR codifies the general and permanent regulations into 50 titles (subject areas). The CFR is to administrative law what the United States Code is to statutory law. The CFR and Federal Register must be used together. The National Archives Library maintains only the current edition. Title 3, The President, includes Executive Orders and is not revised as are other titles, but has annual supplements which are later issued as compilations.
Boyd, p. 500: Morehead, 154-158; Schmeckebier, p. 302-304.

Congressional Information Service. CIS Index to Presidential Executive Orders & Proclamations. Washington: Congressional Information Service; 1986-1987.22 volumes.
Ref KF70. A55. 1986. part.
The index is published in two chronological parts. Part 1 covers the administrations of Washington through Wilson (1789-1921); Part 2 covers the Harding and succeeding administrations through 1983. A special two-volume supplement is included with Part 2. The supplement covers some 5,300 orders and proclamations that were discovered after Part 2 went to press.
Each index part contains five separate finding aids. An Index by Subject and Organizations provides access by subject matter or policy, the names of relevant laws, government agencies, Indian tribes, specific public land areas, and more. An Index by Personal Names lists individuals affected or recognized by executive orders. The Chronological List is a day-by-day list of all numbered and unnumbered executive orders and proclamations. An Index of Interrelated Orders and Proclamations cross-references all executive orders that affect or are affected by other executive orders. This index allows legal researchers to trace the origins of orders and proclamations that are in force today. An Index by Site and Document Numbers locates items by agency-assigned site or document number. The indexes refer to the Reference Bibliography, which includes the title, collation, name of signer (if other than the President), and the subject terms that have been assigned. The index is designed to be used either with existing hardcopy collections or with the CIS microfiche. This works for numbered executive orders but not for unnumbered executive orders. There is no citation given to the source of the order in either published or record form. For the Library's collection of numbered Executive Orders see PR 1.5 (Archives II) See also List of Executive Orders, March 30, 1963-

United States. Congress. House of Representatives. Executive Orders and Proclamations; A Study of a Use of Presidential Powers. Washington: Government Printing Office; 1957. ix, 214 p.
Y 4. G 74\7:P 92.